Monday, November 21, 2011

Homemade Clove Tincture

1 part ground cloves
5 parts 80 proof vodka (from potatoes)

Putting it in a brown paper bag, I am out of amber jars!
In approx. 6-8 weeks I should have some VERY strong tincture! Helps to kill mouth infections/relieve tooth pain.


  1. How do you get vodka from potatoes?

    1. Vodka has been produced from potatoes for centuries, in fact it is one of the oldest forms of hard liquor distillation. It starts like any modern vodka, with fermentation, (usually from rye, etc but in this case potatoes), then is distilled to achieve desired alcohol levels. Usually most companies will run their product through a vigorous filtration process to ensure purity. Technically, most folks would recommend using "100 proof" or 50% alcohol by volume, but all I had available was standard 80 proof (40% by volume),so I let my tinctures sit a little longer to achieve proper extraction effect. Great question, thanks for reading!

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  3. the reason to choose potato is not genetically modified!